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KAPS Music College & Research Center 
In 2006, the KAPS School revolutionized contemporary music education with the first full-time program to offer hands-on professional training for the Musician. Nearly a decade later, with  of
successful Artists nationwide, KAPS remains the leader in guitar education with a unique system that combines
technical, creative and professional development in a performance-based program. At KAPS you'll find the best instructors in Delhi augmented by seminars, concerts and lessons from some of the greatest guitarists in contemporary music. Network with other players, find your creative voice, and get the training you need to become the player you've always dreamed of being. KAPS isn't just a guitar school; it's total immersion in the world of Music.

Our MIssion
The True Teachers utmost desire is to aid, guide, and do whatever it takes to bring the student to their
place of happiness and fulfillment as a musician and Artist. The student may not have a clear idea of what this place is, and certainly not where it is. The teacher may not know either, but he knows more than the student, and he must help the student feel their way if necessary. The True Teacher knows that if this person is destined to be a musician, (which is another way of saying if they really want it bad enough), then their place of happiness and fulfillment does exist, and can be found. And the true teacher resolves to do whatever it takes to make that come about.

Our Mission To provide our students with a methodical, comprehensive approach to learning their instrument
and the music they love to play.
Sound recording and Production
Course In Sound Recording & Production

This is a short-term recording course for the aspiring sound engineer/recordist, and musicians who need to kick start there innings as professionals in the field of audio for films,album recording, radio & TV advertising or as home studio owners.

Keeping in mind the real world needs of the student the course-material is specially designed and strikes an equal balance between theory and practical , where the students will actually record a project and implement to learn by experiencing being in the studio environment.


History of audio
Sound And Hearing
Studio equipment and workstations
Room design -acoustics,
Song Writing - producing
The Recording Process intro
Signal flow- routing
The Audio Production Console -mixers
Digital audio technology
Midi and synchronization
Time Based Effects
Practicals in Studio- studio sessions
 Fee Structure

No. Of Students
Classes Per Month
Per Classes
Per Month
Group Classes
Rs. 150/-
Rs. 600/-
Individual Classes
Rs. 400/-
Rs. 1600/-
Home Tuitions
Rs 400 to Rs 800/-
Rs 1600/- to Rs 3200/-

Terms and Conditions
1 A fee of Rs.1500/- is required on registration.
2 The Student has to buy the Instrument from the school retail Kaps Musicals'.
3 The school reserves the right to alter the fees from time to time. Such alterations will be notified in writing in advance.
4 All fees are payable in advance by not later than the first day of the term. 'Term' means 'four classes' .
5 No remission of fees for the whole or any part of the term can be allowed by absence through illness, infection or any other cause.
6 In the event of a teacher not being able to teach on a particular day , we will provide an alternative teacher or offer a make up lesson. Where it is not possible for a student to attend a make up lesson , the value of this lesson will be credited to the student's Account.
7 Refunds for the lessons missed by the students are not given. This teaching method is most successful when students attend every lesson.
8 A Student may formally withdraw from lessons at any time by giving a notice of four Working weeks, i.e., the four lessons following our receipt of notice from you must be paid for.
9 We only accept responsibility for the safety of students once they are under the teacher? supervision, within the classroom. Parents should escort children to the Lesson, and pick them up at the end of the lesson.

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